About us

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The Commanderie de Bordeaux à Manchester has over 80 members who appreciate the wines of Bordeaux. They are drawn not only from the Greater Manchester area but throughout the North West of England. It is led by Le Maître (literally "the Master") who is appointed by Le Grand Conseil in Bordeaux. Le Maître is supported by a Conseil (Council) of 8 elected members from which the officers such as Le Grand Argentier (Treasurer),
Le Secrétaire (Secretary) and Le Maître Echanson (Master of Ceremonies) are appointed.

What we do

We hold five dinners, a lunch and one or two wine tastings each year. We travel to Bordeaux every two years by coach from Manchester which enables us to enjoy a convivial atmosphere and bring back several cases of wine each, bought at very favourable prices! On the trip we visit several chateaux each day and meet the owners or production teams. This enables us to see for the ourselves the different ‘terroirs’
and production methods that produce the different great wines of this historic region. We dine at several of the chateaux
and enjoy the opportunity to discuss the wines over local cuisine.

Applying for a membership

Members must be proposed and seconded by two existing members of The Commanderie de Bordeaux in Manchester and (ideally) should have attended at least one function as a guest. If you are interested in the The Commanderie de Bordeaux in Manchester but don't know any existing members, an invitation as a guest can be arranged.

There is an annual subscription which is in invested in the purchase of wines for the Commanderie de Bordeaux à Manchester's cellar. Wines drunk at dinners are drawn from the cellar and members pay only for the meal. Although spouses and partners are able to attend some of the dinners there is a supplement to reflect the fact they have not contributed to the purchase of the cellared wines.

Once an application for membership which has been proposed and seconded has been approved by Le Conseil (the Council), the new member will be "intronised" at a dinner and formally admitted as a member taking an oath to be loyal to the wines of Bordeaux and will receive his/her regalia. In addition to the annual subscription there is a joining fee to cover the cost of regalia.